The Mexican Consulate in Philadelphia and the Mexican Cultural Center are excited to collaborate with the Painted Bride Art Center. We would like to invite you to a concert by Klezmerson ensemble, on Sunday, June 15th at 7pm. The concert will take place at the Painted Bride Art Center located at 230 Vine St. in Philadelphia.


For those interested in purchasing tickets, the MCC has acquired a 20% discount for all members and friends using the code "klezmer" at checkout.,in

About the group:

Based out of Mexico City, Klezermson fuses Klezmer melodies and rhythms with Gypsy, Middle Eastern, and Latin American influences.  This mixture results in an explosion reminiscent of rock, funk, and jazz improvisation over the Klezmer musical fabric.
In 2003, Benjamin Shwartz (composer, violist and pianist) founded KLEZMERSON in order to explore and create a new type of Klezmer music from a Jewish-Mexican standpoint. The band does so by gracefully combining melodies and rhythms from Eastern Europe's Jewish musical tradition (called Klezmer) and playfully infusing it with Gypsy, Middle Eastern and Latin American influences. The resulting sound is a fusion of Rock, Funk and Jazz improvisations over a Klezmer theme.





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