The Mexican Cultural Center’s leadership is committed to preserving Mexican culture and traditions in the Delaware Valley. This is achieved through educational and cultural programs and events about Mexican history, culture cuisine, traditions, popular music, opera folk music and dancing.


This diverse group is comprised of individuals from non-profit organizations, corporations, professional firms and academic institutions who contribute their time and expertise to cultivate a better understanding of Mexico and to celebrate Mexican traditions.

The Board of Directors

Araceli Guenther


Alicia Fonseca

Vice President

Jorge Cardona



Maria Cristina Rios

Board Secretary CMO


Diana Myers-Bennett Roberts

Board Member

Nelia Castillo

President Emeritus

María de la Luz Matus

Board Member

Rosa M. Ertze

Board Member

Mayra Hernandez Bergman

Board Member

Carlos Obrador Garrido Cuesta

Cónsul of Mexico in Philadelphia
Honorary Chairman of the Board

Judge Nelson A. Diaz

Board Advisor

Paul Lima

Board Advisor