What we do

Every year, the Mexican Cultural Center produces and organizes diverse events and activities to celebrate and promote Mexican culture, including the Mexican Independence Day Festival, Day of the Dead, Mexican Week in Philadelphia, Three Kings Day, among others.

The annual programming also includes lectures and exhibitions about Mexican history, culture, cuisine, and traditions. The organization also hosts musical events featuring opera, folk and popular music performed by Mexican artists, as well as diverse dance performances.

Through our annual programming the MCC ensures that future generations maintain a connection to their cultural roots, fostering empowerment within the community. The Mexican Cultural Center aims to build a stronger society by providing a space where people from different backgrounds can come together to celebrate shared values, experiences, and interests, this enriches the cultural fabric of the community and promotes tolerance and acceptance. In 2022, The Mexican Cultural Center expanded it’s offerings to the various schools in the Greater Philadelphia area as part of their arts and culture educational curriculum.      

Programs offered by the Mexican Cultural Center

Cultural Events

Production of events and activities, performances, concerts, exhibits, screenings, and tastings that highlight Mexican culture and traditions.


Providing workshops on various aspects of Mexican heritage, including history, cuisine, music, dance, and art.

Music Concerts

Engaging performances highlighting the richness of Mexican music, from traditional to contemporary genres.

Art Exhibits

Exhibitions showcasing Mexican artists and their contributions to the cultural landscape.

Educational Outreach

Offering enrichment speaker series and workshops focused on various aspects of Mexican history, traditions, arts, and culture.

Artistic Support

Supporting local artists and performers by providing platforms to showcase their talent and contribute to cultural enrichment